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KMFK Consultancy provides comprehensive support to enterprises even in a start up stage, through the preparation of business plans to bid for finance and venture capital, up to the implementation of detailed marketing and commercial development strategies. Using our industry expertise and capabilities,

Founded by PE. Micheal Radi, capitalizing on 15 years of international experience in the Real estate and hotels sectors, covering responsibilities over the main organizational areas of their relevant companies:
General Management, Real Estate Project Management, Hotel Design & Management, Food & Beverage, Quality Control, Manufacturing, Trading, Finance & Artificial Intelligence & Technology.

What Do We Do

Savvy entrepreneurs and executives pride themselves on their vision, they are always looking ahead to see how markets, technology and consumer behavior will shift over time. A great leader embraces the reality that things are always changing, he uses it to his advantage and don't resist the change. 

we will help you identify new business ideas, technology trends and develop solutions to integrate the international marketplace.


AI is everywhere.

The reason AI is exploding is because It has the power to impact every digital market, from cybersecurity to construction, to marketing, to healthcare.

Understanding AI can be overwhelming.
That's why our team of AI experts are here to provide the guidance and clarification you need to build an AI solution for your  project.



At KMFK, we will provide you with investment products, advice, and/or planning. We will also do in-depth work on formulating investment strategies, help fulfilling your project needs and reach your financial goals.

Our highly experienced team has extensive knowledge in the finance world and great relation with top Commercial and Private Banks, can help you structuring & getting financing for  your project. 

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KMFK expert team will perform due diligence, conduct market studies, and offer lease advisory and portfolio services, in order to insure that you maximize the potential return on an investment.

They also assist with real estate portfolio positioning, strategy, and financial analytics and modeling.

Building Plan II


Our team of expert will advise you on how best to use technology to meet your business objectives. ... Developing and implementing technology in businesses can allow you to accelerate growth, reduce cost, manage risk, develop talent or simply just change the way you operate.

Computer Programming


KMFK team of experts will help you building your project from scratch. From finding the right property or land to renovation and design to furniture to finding the best hotel operator. 

Our team has the capability of working in different areas from Europe to America to the Gulf we have it all covered.

KMFK team can act as client technical representative throughout the entire project development, playing a major integration role between consultant, contractor and operator.



KMFK highly experienced professionals will help you identifying business weaknesses and challenges and determine relevant solutions.

We will be the bridge between your company and investors. We will give strategic advice, coordinate and manage partnership elements of the companies that want to enter into a joint venture. We will review and identify critical areas, and guide potential partnership structure

Business Meeting




KMFK expert team will conduct market studies, offer design & concept advisory and operation management.

We will guide from design phase to management.

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Our team of professionals offers a full range of engineering, design, construction, and consulting services. Our seasoned team of energy, mechanical, and electrical engineers work together seamlessly to produce effective solutions that actively support increasing system capacity, maximize functionality, life cycle savings, and efficiency while minimizing risk, variability, and lifetime costs for our clients.

Sustainable Energy



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